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About Mesra Alam


Mesra Alam Sendirian Berhad (MASB) was established in 2007 being a fully bumiputera-owned company, primarily to seize opportunities within the local market trade in the Oil & Gas industry. We specialise in the supply of Inherent Flame Resistant (IFR) workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Over the years, we have built a good reputation by continuously striving towards minimizing risk and promoting health and safety to those who are working in potentially hazardous environment.

We have achieved a number of milestones that increased our capabilities as a local Bruneian company, which provided us a window of opportunity for local production due to the growing awareness in the significant demand for inherent flame resistant work wear.

We represent the most iconic flame resistant fabric Lenzing FR; renowned for its emphasis on quality and protection. With the transference of technology and experience, we are able to provide Inherent Flame Resistant work wear that adheres to the Brunei weather; comfort and durability with maximum protection against heat stress.

In brief, MASB specialises in the production and supply of IFR workwear ranging from coverall, jacket and trouser, headscarf, neck/face cover and under garment. Aside from IFR fabric, our production of work wear comes in other material as well; Poly-cotton and Cotton twill. We also carry a selection of Head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment and embroidery services which all are done in-house.



Lenzing™ FR, a cellulose fiber from the house of Lenzing, protects against heat stress. Produced from beechwood, a natural raw material, Lenzing™ FR offers protection against heat and flame in a variety of different applications. Around the world Lenzing™ FR is produced using the Lenzing Modal® process. This ensures that the very highest fiber tenacities are obtained and makes it possible to insert the FR agent in a permanent manner.

Permanent heatprotection

Lenzing™ FR offers protection from all kinds of heat: fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The most important goal of protective clothing is to prevent the skin from burning. After all, the skin is the body's largest and most sensitive organ.

Fiber Cross Section

From a technical point of view, Lenzing™ FR is a work of art. The fiber, which is made of a natural raw material, has a flame resistant substance incorporated throughout the cross-section of the fiber which ensures inherent flame protection. The protective substance cannot be removed by either washing or abrasion. Flame resistant once, flame resistant forever...

Protection from burns

People in professions involving a high level of risk from burns need to wear special protective clothing. Apart from direct fire, heat, in its different forms, represents a significant danger. Lenzing™ FR, with its incorporated flame resistant agent, protects the skin from heat like no other flame resistant high performance fiber.

Lenzing™ FR protects the skin from

Flash firesElectric arcsFireMolten metalsRadiant heat

  • Flash Fires
  • Electric Arcs
  • Fire
  • Molten Metal
  • Radiant Heat


More performance

For the wearer, Lenzing™ FR helps to achieve higher performance in extreme situations. Overheating of the body (known as heat stress) is a constant danger when working in hot and physically demanding environments. This danger is significantly reduced thanks to the excellent moisture management and breathability properties of Lenzing™ FR. The physical and mental performance of the wearer is improved if body temperature and comfort are enhanced. The unparalleled moisture management and breathability properties of Lenzing™ FR allow the body to be cooled down. This in turn reduces fatigue, muscle cramps and breathing difficulties and the onset of impaired judgement.